A Rainy day in London

On the 19th of September 2013, as part of my project for my BTEC photography course, we needed to travel from our college campus site to the Tate Modern. We were offered three possible routes as choice of travel, and I tell you this, none of them were straight forward. We needed to run, climb, walk and sail (ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration  the Thames Clipper is just an Oyster operated boat ferry).  Since I love sailing my instincts told me to pick the route partly based on boat.

First stage of the trip was on a bus.  For the first time in my life I found myself wishing for more traffic on the roads. Unfortunately no such luck when you need it and hence a lot of missed photo opportunities.  Little tip for the future, do not stand up on a moving double decker bus whilst attempting to take photos.. .tricky to say the least!  Especially with our designated Formula One bus driver, I ended up somewhat bruised by the time I got off.

The second stage of the trip was a small walk from the bus stop to the pier. So there we were with our big cameras standing next to Big Ben and surrounded by all those tourists, we fitted right in! Even James Bond would have been proud of our camouflage. Taking shots right left and centre of anything that move.  We were like an elite squadron of photographers weaving our way through the crowds we finally got to the boat.

For our third and final stage, our boat was right next to the London Eye.  It made a pleasant change to view the big wheel from a different angle without the usual queues.  It was raining by now but as we were getting on the boat it didn’t bother me too much. In fact the rain reflected the mood of the day in my photos. The grey clouds that lurked all day in the sky contrasted nicely with the colourful umbrellas that popped up like mushrooms.

Once off the boat, all I needed to do was to cover up my camera and run for shelter inside the Tate Modern.  The plan was to review three photography exhibitions (Willam Eggleston, Miyako Ishiuchi, Graciela Iturbide) however due to unexpected electrical failures in the galleries, only one ( William Eggleston) was open to the public.  I wonder if the rain had any foul play?

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my first ever blog.  It’s been very exiting for me.  Can’t wait to publish my next blog, so keep tuned to this site and see you soon.  In the meanwhile I will leave you with this final photo which I found very commical.

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