Dreaming of a new a tattoo

My most challenging project yet, and its finally done! Environmental portrait! On good side I met amazing, helpful and very friendly people. One of those people is Ian he never rushed me and let me take my time with things. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have nerves for both of us.

When I first went to tattoo cult Ian told me how often they get ask for this, and that tattoo artists are very shy in spite there  work. He dint mind to pose if i agree! I jumped from happiness inside, but I still needed to play cool so I said ”you will do”. So I was asked to come back when shop is empty and so I did. As always I was nervous wreck, but I do believe I start to hide it better. Ian was shockingly natural affront of cameras he did everything I asked and got in poses with out me struggling to explain things. I explained concept and what I want to focus on and we went with flow! One thing that killed me inside was when Ian said “we have lots of teenagers asking to take these photos, but we just send them away. As you are older we don’t mind.” my hope I still look like a spring chicken was out of the window!  😦

Maine conclusion I got on this project is Smile and friendly attitude will get you long way! It does pays back to be nice to people!

Ian from Tattoo cult

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