Fashion photography….who would have known?!?

Earlier this month I had a chance to organize and shoot a Fashion shoot with new great designer Katalin Olarreta. Finally I had my chance to see how the fashion world works. I was lucky as i could pick my team, and now i know for sure it doesn’t matter how well you are prepared for the day, how much research you have done, if you cant rely on your team it all means nothing. I had such a great team and amazing…they all stuck with me through this very long day and didn’t complain. Even when i had a bit more firm tone then needed in my voice, they just did what they told and afterwards they forgot about it. Even my beautiful model Marjolaine who in real life is my fallow photographer didn’t complain about her 10 hour day. Over all it was long, exhausting, tiring but full of fun day.

Katalin’s vision and inspiration for this dress was Wall street crash and suicide. So for location part of shoot we agreed on beautiful Brompton cemetery. Day was beautiful and sunny, very lucky seeing how this summer is going. Without further ado, here is location shoot out come.

As the day went on we moved to studio, were i continuing with theme and wanted to create ghostly effects using long shutter speed and  double exposure. technique how to create it i found in Benjamin Von Wong post. This is what I end up with.

and who would have know i will enjoy this experience that much?


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