What is environmental portraits?

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A bit different twist on portrait photography is to get out of the studio and into the big crazy world. Environmental portraits are shots of people taken in their natural surroundings, the places where they live and/or work.

Environmental portrait photography is commonly used commercially because including background and someone’s environment tells more of their story than a plain portrait shot. Its great  if you’re ever asked to photograph a business, or if you  want to add something fresh to your portrait work. The other great advantage is that your subject will be more relaxed in his own environment.The key to getting environmental portrait photography right is finding a good balance between your subject and their background. Remember that the person is still the focus of the shot, and their surroundings are just there to add interest and hint at their personality and life.

I found a site where they even give top tips how to shoot environmental portrait photography:

01 Get candid

02 Add props

03 Simple monochrome (optional)

04 Perfectly posed

05 Widen up

06 Find the light

Few photographers who have created great environmental portraits are August Sandler, Arnold Newman and Diana Arbus.

With this idea in my mind I adventured out one day to my local businesses trying my luck with approach and composition. This is what I end up with.


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