Mish Mash of summer 2014

Here I am, more than a year has passed since I made my last appearance on my blog. However today while nursing my foot after a painful injection I started to feel nostalgic and finally edited photos I’ve taken in 2014. All of them were taken during the summer in my home country Latvia. Don’t know is it because I feel home sick or because the photos taken long time ago, or maybe just because that’s how I remember Latvia from the movies, but I aged edit them. Somehow it just felt fitting. Funny how this yellow gaze in the photos make me feel cosy, warm and summery, up till the moment I look outside the window of course.

Those beautiful beaches are near my sisters-in-law home town Roja. Endless white sand beaches, perfect place to visit before your dinner.  Not a bad way to work up your appetite. I remember that evening very well, it was a lovely sunset, sound of the waves and light summer breeze wrestling tall pine trees. Accompanied by my mum and nice we went for a very long walk.  Eventually my sister-in-law got an idea to reach the end of the beach called Kolkasrags. Old folk tales tell the story of the devil himself trying to build the bridge from Kurzemes banks to Samsalu, but the morning came and he never finished the job, lazy sod. Another tale tells the story of many ships sinking because of tricky shallow waters and under water quick sand. Who’s to tell what’s true and what’s not.  I’m telling you one thing for sure, no devil or any shipwrecks were seen. However all of those trees/driftwood covering shore in sunset looked beautiful. By this stage it was getting cold as none of us were planning this trip to be so long.   We were not prepared and we needed to go home. Actually forget the cold I was getting hungry!

Next day we went to the local beach early in the morning. As my  sister-in-law was heavily pregnant with her second child I wanted to make her  life easier so I decided to drive. The Sun was so hot even at this early hour and I loved it! I did feel sorry for my sister-in-law, I it’s not easy to carry a tiny human inside you.  Despite temperatures reaching +35 c, she still was kind enough to accompany me to this little town/ beach trip. I’m a tourist myself in this part of Latvia! We saw family of storks and visited a fisherman’s museum in the town….

After we got back to Riga I caught up with my friend I haven’t seen or talked to for about five years! After the first hello, it seemed like no time has passed. It seemed just yesterday we had one of our crazy house parties while her mum was working the night shifts. I’m glad to say our friendship is back on the map (I know you don’t really say that, but it felt the right term to use). Next morning we had little walk on the roof tops of beautiful Riga. With the sun burning my skin and hurting my eyes from all the reflection from the tinned roofs….

It was beautiful summer escape and this one time it felt like I didn’t have enough time in Latvia.I felt like no time has passed, like a teenager, who owns the dance floor in Old Riga Town and walks home bear feet at 6am.

My dear girls Dita, Dace, Aggi, and Linda  you made my summer! I truly believe and  I hope I will have you in my life forever. Even we talk only few times in a year or once in a few years, friendship is timeless (I know cheesy, but so true), hope to see you all soon.
ps. Santa, you are my darling too, but that is a different story to tell another time.

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2 thoughts on “Mish Mash of summer 2014

  1. Love this post! so nice to see all these photos of Latvia and read your stories! Well done, Linda! 🙂 Gxxx

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