Place I use to know

My mum never sent me to the kinder garden. I grew up between the books. From age of three most of the days I spent with mum in her workplace – library. Mum would make the bed out of the books for me, so I wouldn’t roll off the desk :). People would tip toe around the place. They would be so apologetic to my mum if the bell made too much noise as they  entered the premises. I don’t remember much of it, but my mum has told me many stories.

Whenever I was visiting mum at work and an older book lover, who recognize me, would come in, stories of me running around the place would always come up. Things are changing. The library my mum worked in for ower 20 years was shut down. My mum lost her job and at her age (lets keep it a secret) she needed to reinvent herself.

Anyway woman who taught me how to be librarian could not get a new job as a librarian!!!! After all these years working in library, as a librarian she could not get a new job because she didn’t have correct education!!!! I could not get it.

It took her few good years, but she didn’t give up. After trying to set up her own business and few other trades she went back to uni to get her degree in teaching. Yes, in teaching as now to be a librarian in the school you must have degree in the teaching. Bright side, free summers to spend with grandchildren.

Well anyway after four long years she finally got her Diploma!!!!

You’re probably wondering are these photos from the library I grow up in. Answer is NO, this is mum’s new workplace, school library. From Rigas 26. Biblioteka there is nothing left. Not even Wikipedia page or few old photos. It’s like it never even existed.

This is for you mum and for the little library we lost.

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